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Hi Evan,

Love that you’re thinking outside the (shoe)box to bring in new clients.

You really need to go back and re-read your content though, it’s riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

I don’t like that the one thing that jumps out on the page is “We want your business”. Don’t tell me what you’re getting, tell me what I’m getting, I’m the customer!

Get your credentials on there somewhere too (we’re busy and too lazy to click on the menu link)

The reason I wrote shoebox was I was wondering if you’re using something like Shoeboxed to facilitate this? Whilst it will cost you money it would damn sure save your time! https://www.shoeboxed.com/ (Wave Accounting actually includes it for free, but alas has no BAS features :( )

Overall I find the website quite hard to look at, I’d increase your line spacing and typeface size and decrease the contrast between the typeface and background to make it easier on the eyes.

As a comparison, here’s a website I put together for a friend who’s also an accountant. I feel much happier and my eyes less strained due to the better contrast between the typeface and background and the larger size/spacing – http://totalpay.com.au/

Add some padding to your boxes too so there’s some room between the text and the line.

With all that above said, had I not just signed up for bookkeeping and BAS with a local place I would have been very tempted, the pricing is awesome.