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Thanks to everyone who replied. Every reply taught me something. Some taught me more about building sites and some taught me more about the person who posted. All knowledge is valuable.

Ok so if I accept the constructive criticism. Then I should get some quotes on a rebuild on both my sites. nighttax.com.au and freebookkeeping.com.au so that they present a professional and uniform image. I did visit most contributors websites and viewed your portfolios and went to some of those sites. I did notice some pages took a loooooong time to load so I assume that is what another thread was talking about when discussing WordPress. Also some sites did not seem to adjust to the viewers screen. Please keep in mind that, if you quote, I will expect the site you build to look as good as the templates some of you have suggested AND I will expect the site to load as fast or faster than my current sites. All the info is on the sites and the number of pages is on the sites so I expect some rewording as suggested and a professional look. Please quote if you can really supply a good looking and fast site. Slow sites will not be paid for, just thought I would state that upfront so you know a little more about me.

I look forward to some quotes via PM or my email in the websites.