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if it’s an Australian domain name, (.com.au or .net.au) then they usually need a reason to be registering it.

you might have some luck complaining to AUDA, the policy here has some interesting bits,


“Prohibition on registering domain names for sole purpose of resale
8. A registrant may not register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to another entity.”

there’s also the ““close and substantial connection” rule, although that ties in with the “monetisation” rule, which also ties in with the “content must be relevant” rule.

you could try lodging a complaint with AUDA to see if they would drop it.. assuming that:
1 they don’t have a close & substantial connection (whichi might be hard to prove)
2. they aren’t monetising it
3. the content isn’t relevant (if there’s no content, then it’s not relevant..)

add to your complaint the fact that they tried to sell it to you for $8k

if it’s not a .AU domain.. there may be similar rules, i’m not sure