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Unfortunately it’s not worth your time pursuing the domain unless you own the trademark. Even then the domain registrant would have to be in clear violation of your trademark.

The practice of domain investment certainly has a bad reputation but for the most part is entirely legal – and in my eyes perfectly ethical.

Domains operate on a first come first served basis and unfortunately it’s something we have to accept. Investing in domains was once a huge risk, just like every other business. It has only recently started to pay off for the investors. In my eyes they actually deserve a pat on the back for correctly assessing the risk. I would like to be in their shoes.

Even if domains were allocated in some sort of priority order, and domain investment was illegal, it’s safe to say that the queue of suitors for an $8000 domain would have started 10 or 15 years ago, and you would still be in the same predicament.

Unfortunately your best option is to look at other domains.