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MarketingHat, post: 203540 wrote:
Hi all,
I enquired about purchasing a domain name that has been bought but not used and received a response from Fairfax Media asking for $8000! There is a law against scalping concert tickets – how do they get away with this?

The world is made up of people who position themselves to profit by what other want and need – if you happen to possess something someone else values you have the right to sell this item for whatever the other person will pay. If you don’t want to pay you don’t have to – no one is forcing you. You can negotiate, make the guy an offer, he can only say “No, sorry”, or he might say OK I see your need and 3 grand is better than no grand. Domain names are no different to other commodities some of them fetch millions of dollars, I think ‘pizza.com’ went for over a million – more often less. It depends how badly you want the name, how profitable it could be for you. The real estate of the internet is becoming more valuable as the online world grows ever more central to our lives, to our commercial world – there is always the fact that names do not have the same significance online as they once did – you do not have to have an exact match domain to succeed (Google.com, Yahoo.com, eBay.com). there is nothing illegal in selling real estate, there is nothing illegal about selling domain names, it is all about perceived value.