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Graham Pinning, post: 203577 wrote:
So I have a list of websites I would like to contact for links, they are good websites in my industry.

How do i go about emailing them without getting hit for spamming on my email?

Do I have to write each email from scratch?

I use outlook.

No you do not have to write a new email for each receipient.
Spamming, if you only send one email to them you can get away with it as it is not a newsletter thing.

Spamming most likely will apply to your host provider, if you send to many emails out at once it will raise an alarm. This can happen when you add 100s of emails to your sent to (always use BCC).

But there is a solution called sidekick have a look, what is important to track who actually opens and reads the email…..

If they do…. follow up with a call :-).