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Just because I have my email address published on my website, does not mean that you can send me a commercial email.

Actually it does, I can and I am allowed under the act.


You might be different if you have:
– a publication including a statement that the person does not want to receive unsoliceded commercial electronic messages at that address.

As stated:
Consent may also be inferred when someone conspicuously publishes ther work related electronic address (for example, on a website…)

However, the ‘conspicuous publication’ exception means you MAY be able to infer consent to send marketing messages where an address has been published AND other requirements are met.

It does not matter where the address is published, as long as you can show that:

it was published
it allows you to contact a business
it is reasonable to assume it was published with the agreement of the business.
With this in mind, it would be wise to keep a copy of the publication for future reference.

Oops another one.

The may in this clause is dependent on the explicit statement not to send commercial messages.

bb1, based upon ACMA its own submissions (I believe) you are incorrect.