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help4bis.com, post: 203662 wrote:
bb1, based upon ACMA its own submissions you are incorrect. Do not apply scare tactics.QUOTE]

Not sure why you consider trying to let people know what the Spam act says is scare tactics, education is not scare tactics..

With conspicuous publication, there must be a strong link between what you are promoting and the recipient’s role or line of business. You cannot infer someone’s consent just because you believe your product would benefit them.

If you sell IT software to businesses, this does not mean you can send promotional emails to any business with a published email address. However, if a business conspicuously publishes the email address of their IT department, you may be able to infer that account holder’s consent, as your message is directly related to their role, function and line of business: IT.

If your business sells washers for taps, you cannot send commercial emails to all businesses with conspicuously published email addresses on the assumption that they all need washers in their taps. However, you could send your promotional emails to plumbing supplies stores.