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TehCamel, post: 206389 wrote:
Bert, what’s your view on this kind of scenario:
I have an IT product or service that I wish to suggest to you.
I query the AUNIC registry database.
it gives me this info:

if I do a little further research and determine that Andrew Egan is the director of said company, I could imply that since he is a director, and since he is listed as a Technical Contact for the registered domain, and since the service I’m offering relates to emails for that domain, and that this address is conspicuously published, I can send email because it’s relevant.

what if I was to do a search for another domain name and I find this: (which I’ve edited)

the tech contact’s real name is listed on their website as a co-owner.
they are listed as at echnical contact for the domain.
A further search for their real name @theirdomain.com finds a posting on facebook with a job and their proper email address.

Would you say that’s conspicously published ? :)


I cant see your average Spam’er going to that much hassle, but could I suggest that if that is the method you propse for sending out commercial emails, that you consult ACMA prior to the undertaking.