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Stephen Mayall
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Graham Pinning, post: 203577 wrote:
So I have a list of websites I would like to contact for links, they are good websites in my industry.

How do i go about emailing them without getting hit for spamming on my email?

Do I have to write each email from scratch?

I use outlook.

Hi Graham I’ve just noticed your post and read a bit of feedback and the first thing I would say is. You might want to hold off emailing these website straight off.

If you’ve not prior relationship with them there’s a good chance your email wil go unnoticed or acknowledged anyway.

Instead you need to begin to build a relationship with each.

Follow each on Twitter, Facebook etc – Add each to a separate twitter list so you can monitor their feed

Share their posts occasionally – ones you think are right for your audience

Comment on their blogs, respond to their questions on social media etc

Then reach out and send a complimentary email don’t ask for anything yet

Finally reach out and ask for help, that might be to ask them to share one of your posts, ask for a guest post opportunity or a backlink to a relavant article.

This might seem like a long winded approach but why would some one throw you a line if you haven’t don’t anything for them. Whats in it for them to link to your website.