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Clearly Creative
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Do shopping centers allow their empty spaces to be used as short term pop up shops with unfixed signage or no signage?

I know I have seen this quite a few times, alternatively you could get a stall in the center isle of a shopping center, nothing permanent but displaying your clothes to a high level of foot traffic.

Or find an empty shop that isn’t in a shopping center, contact the owner/real estate agent and see if you can set up a temporary pop up shop there.

Make sure every purchase goes away with a business card, flyer or mini booklet/catalogue of your line with contact details such as facebook/website/email/phone number by popping them in the bags and you could be creating future sales right there.

I have never looked into the costs involved here but it may be better than what the council is asking you to do and then you can drive traffic there through your Facebook page as well as pick up the foot traffic customers as well.