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John Debrincat
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Honkytonkie72, post: 203660 wrote:
I am about to open a clothing boutique plus an online store. I have been playing with the Shopify 14 day trial & seem happy with it so far, seems easy to use. My question is how to i sync my sales instore with my sales online, so i am not double selling things that have already been sold. (meaning of someone online buys the very last dress online, but at the same time a customer comes into the store & buys this same last dress, how do i avoid a double up sale on the same one item). Im thinking of buying the $120 per month plan which covers this, im pretty sure meaning all sales will be in sync. i will also buy the printer, register etc tht shopify recommend. Will i need a bar code scanner or can i get away without using bar-codes? Also any recommondations on bulk postage would be helpful as well.

any help or recommendations wld be great. Hope i have explained myself properly, its hard to explain in writing !!!


Hi there. The only issue that you need to consider is that Shopify POS does not have an offline mode for processing payments. So if the internet is down you cannot accept credit cards. This may not be a show stopper for you but you need to consider it. If you have a business using cloud service then make sure that you have a business internet account or even buy a pre-paid 4G wireless device to use as a backup.

There are other cloud based POS like Vend and Kounta which are better than Shopify’s and I think also connect to Shopify.