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John Debrincat, post: 203673 wrote:
Hi there. The only issue that you need to consider is that Shopify POS does not have an offline mode for processing payments. So if the internet is down you cannot accept credit cards. This may not be a show stopper for you but you need to consider it. If you have a business using cloud service then make sure that you have a business internet account or even buy a pre-paid 4G wireless device to use as a backup.

There are other cloud based POS like Vend and Kounta which are better than Shopify’s and I think also connect to Shopify.


thanks john, so do you mean if internet goes down & people in store who want to use credit card, thats its not possible? couldn’t i just process the credit card manually thru the terminal without using the POS & then fix it in the inventory once internet was up & running again? At least this way the customer can still make the purchase via credit card. I guess there is a change that someone may purchase the same item online & cld end up in a double up, meaning the online customer misses out on the item & a refund having to be issued which is not a good look at all. i guess i cld use connect the hot spot on my mobile to my POS as a back up if need be…Hope that makes sense??!