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John Debrincat
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Honkytonkie72, post: 203718 wrote:
thanks john, so do you mean if internet goes down & people in store who want to use credit card, thats its not possible? couldn’t i just process the credit card manually thru the terminal without using the POS & then fix it in the inventory once internet was up & running again? At least this way the customer can still make the purchase via credit card. I guess there is a change that someone may purchase the same item online & cld end up in a double up, meaning the online customer misses out on the item & a refund having to be issued which is not a good look at all. i guess i cld use connect the hot spot on my mobile to my POS as a back up if need be…Hope that makes sense??!

If you are using Shopify payments my understanding is that you cannot take payments.

Yes you could use a machine offline and update later but you would need to check your ability to do that with Shopify POS.