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Not using shopify, but we have a customer with the similar requirements.

The customer is mainly a market stall holder, selling online and has a market stall, due to the uniqueness of the products often there is only one in stock. (yes it is artworks).

The way we resolved this is by integrating a POS and QR codes.

This is how it works.
– The seller (our customer) can use the POS system which runs on a laptop, ipod or phone to checkout the item using our magento backend. This is the typical scenario you talk about.
– The seller can use his or her phone to scan a QR code and hand the phone over to the customer to enter any form of payment like paypal, credit card etc. If it is a cash transaction then the seller does not have to hand over the phone or ipad and can do it themself or via POS.
– The Customer who wants to purchase the item scans the QR code using their own phone and uses any payment option they want. The seller can check if the payment was made.

We do things different, trying to move away from the typical cashdraw (not excluding it but not promoting it).

We have found a few very interesting benifits:
– You have all customer details for future use.
– The customer, on the spot, can decide if they want to receive your newsletters etc.
– Customers seem to be ok with scanning a code and enter their details.
– No typical checkout type scenarios, creating a more free and fluid interaction.
– The seller always has his/her stock information at hand and can hint with on-sell.

Out of the box, but that is how we do things….. different and most likely more efficient.