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If you want to get in front of new businesses, you might look at what people do when they start a business.

  1. They register a business name
  2. They register a website
  3. They might register a company name
  4. The might join up on FlyingSolo … ;)

Instead of advertising on Facebook for “graphic design for new businesses” you could advertise “Help setting up your domain and email”. I’m sure it’s something you know how to do, and would be easy for you to help out with.

You could do this as a free ebook in exchange for an email address, for example.

You could do that in LinkedIn, probably AdWords search marketing (I’m sure people are looking for things like “how to register a website” although the clicks might be expensive at the early stages when you don’t know your conversion rate — still you can control how much you spend).

You could also partner with online services that are doing company registration like http://www.easycompanies.com.au/ (there are a few of them) and offer them a price per lead — same thing you could do with BizzBuzz.com.au, or advertise on FlyingSolo.