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Hi Dave,

Welcome :)

I too have been using Flying Solo for years but haven’t spent much time in the forums. Nice to meet another lurker!

I’m often asked by clients, “If you had $50 left in the world to spend on advertising, what would you spend it on?”

And I can never quite bring myself to answer “Google Adwords of course!”

I know there must be some benefit, with companies spending thousands every month on their adwords campaigns, but for small players I’m failing to see the benefit (which I know is detrimental to me and unhelpful for my clients).

If a typical click costs between $1.50 and $2.00, and the average conversion rate is 4% (with 10% deemed “Unicorn” status), how can adwords be cost effective for someone selling a product with a profit less than a few hundred dollars?

Is the click cost meant to be that high? Because I understand that a great website leads to higher conversions, but with so many false clicks from advertisers and competitors, I’d say to a client that $50 would get used up pretty quickly without much benefit.

Love to hear some insight from an industry pro on this :)