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RachelWrites, post: 203725 wrote:
Hi Dave,

Welcome :)

I too have been using Flying Solo for years but haven’t spent much time in the forums. Nice to meet another lurker!

I’m often asked by clients, “If you had $50 left in the world to spend on advertising, what would you spend it on?”

And I can never quite bring myself to answer “Google Adwords of course!”

I know there must be some benefit, with companies spending thousands every month on their adwords campaigns, but for small players I’m failing to see the benefit (which I know is detrimental to me and unhelpful for my clients).

Hey, great question. Similar questions are brought up often, I think, because a lot of people have been burnt by either running their own campaigns without any past experience, or going through an agency who has a set and forget mindset with their clients accounts.

I guess my view is, if I had $50 left for marketing I would use it on adwords – but I could be biased :)

RachelWrites, post: 203725 wrote:
If a typical click costs between $1.50 and $2.00, and the average conversion rate is 4% (with 10% deemed “Unicorn” status), how can adwords be cost effective for someone selling a product with a profit less than a few hundred dollars?

Is the click cost meant to be that high? Because I understand that a great website leads to higher conversions, but with so many false clicks from advertisers and competitors, I’d say to a client that $50 would get used up pretty quickly without much benefit.

Love to hear some insight from an industry pro on this :)

The CPC really does vary a lot between each industry. I run campaigns where we pay $0.20 a click and others that run up to $15 a click. But all the ones I’m working on right now are profitable campaigns. It really comes down to your targeting.

If you’re on a small budget you want to make sure you have a really targeted campaign running:

  • Only keywords with high buying intent (criminal lawyers manly)
  • Avoid targeting broad terms (lawyers, solicitors)
  • Keep adgroups really tightly themed eg. all criminal lawyer keywords in one adgroup, all family lawyer keywords in another adgroup etc. This will allow you to have really targeted ads with the keywords in the headings
  • Where possible, create a landing page for each theme. This will help with your quality score and keeping your CPC as low as possible
  • Most improtantly, have a strong call to action on your ads and make the action easy to complete on your landing page

I think if you stick to a tight plan like this, it will give you the best chance of driving sales/leads.

I hope this helps, but feel free to ask any other questions. Always happy to help :)