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Thanks for your great response, Jason.

This product is rebranded (just by changing colours and the box design) and sold in at least 3 major retailers. It all comes from the one manufacturer.

None of them offer a shipping service to customers.

Many customers that use this product live in rural areas, and bought some from me with a premium added plus shipping to have it sent to them. They have requested many more. I was paying a more than $40 for a limited amount and still making a fair profit, so the numbers work out.

Some other online vendors have obviously found a source for the product and are selling small quantities for more than I was charging.

I could easily sell 2 – 7 a week online.

Your second thought is a great thought. I have messaged them.

In your example, I would probably look at spending up to $60 for the units and buying 40 at around $2000. That would still be a profitable based on my previous sales. I couldn’t store much more than 40.

All of this goes back to my original question: how do I find Australian importers that might have this item in stock?