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Please forward the product details and the potential Chinese supplier’s details to my email:

[email protected]

I have a registered trading company in China, I might try to negotiate with them for the reduction in MOQ under the name of a local Chinese company then export it to you.

I do not know whether this would make any major difference or not, but worth trying I guess.


prhunt, post: 203704 wrote:

I have a simple use-case and was wondering what the advice would be.

I am interested in reselling a power tool manufactured by a Chinese company. They currently supply for major chains in Australia selling this model tool. It is extremely popular.

I have the contact details for this company.

Due to storage and financial restrictions I cannot order more than $1000 of this product.

The product costs $25 per item at 500 pieces minimum order. This is higher than my max spend.

I would be willing to pay $40+ per item and still make a decent profit.

What I would like is to know how to find any importers in Australia who might have this popular item in stock and would be willing to sell it to me for $40+ in lots of $1000.

I have googled for importer directories / listings without success.

Is this is an unrealistic pipe-dream?