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Calcul8or, post: 203735 wrote:
That’s interesting Dave. What are you including as part of your presentation? How are you going to invite people to come along? I was thinking of offering food as an incentive! lol……there are some people out there who will sit through boring meetings so long as there’s food to be had! hehehe

Haha, I’m not afraid to admit that I would also come along for food! haha

To get people to come along I’ve been thinking about using meetup.com to attract people to the seminar. I see a few people using that as a means to get people in the door and it seems to work well. But I’m trying to find other ways to do it. My other plan is to look at running a really targeted facebook and display campaign – have an ad designed targeting business who want to increase their profitability on their adwords campaign, drive them to a landing page with the free registration page. Will have to see how that goes though.

It’s still early stages, but I want to make the content around how a seasoned search marketer would set up an adwords campaign – campaign structures, how to set up analytics, how to set up adwords tracking, and how to start optimising a campaign.