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Hi Calculator,
I’m going to say this first. The single most important issue that any live presenter must realise is that…

you should only expect your audience to remember THREE things.

If you don’t define these in your up front planning and make sure your presentation compliments/reinforces them, you are likely to waste your time.

You haven’t actually specified for us your target audience, seminar topic, objectives, audience size or seminar duration.

I’ve done my share of spruiking at seminars over the years. They can be unbelievably rewarding or a waste of time.

Success is likely to revolve around your:

  • Planning
  • Relevance
  • Implementation
  • Presentation skills
  • Follow up

Everything must start with your target audience.

You want to define a very specific audience in your planning. That includes defining issues like the size of business, type of business, the responsibility of the target person within the business, etc.

The more tightly you can target an audience’s demographics, the more tightly you can focus your presentation and the more relevant it will be to them.

The greater the relevance to your audience, the greater the chance of you generating the action outcomes you are seeking.

Putting together a good presentation is time consuming but sometimes it does not take much time to modify it to different target audiences. Eg. It may only mean changing the examples or case studies to make the same basic presentation relevant to totally different audience types.

You may want to think about holding multiple seminars to smaller, more focused audiences than to one larger, less focused audience.

Implementation of the seminar needs to include elements like time of day, day of week, location, catering and handouts. Always give your audience a handout of your presentation that includes your call-to-action and YOUR CONTACT DETAILS with an invite to contact you to answer any questions.

Public speaking is HARD and FEARED by most people! The hardest part is to acquire presentation confidence. If you don’t have it, don’t do it.

That does not mean don’t hold the seminar but it may mean you find a presenter and perhaps you might take on the role of a seminar chairperson or similar.

If you are holding seminars with a small number of participants, make sure you collect their names and contact details and make sure you follow up with every one of them.

You certainly know how to start a thread of incredible complexity.

Hope this opens up some of the issues.