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Thank you for your input and suggestions John!

The first thing about your post that reassured me is that the idea of holding seminars as a means of marketing certainly is a legitimate and seemingly worthwhile way to do things, if done right!

I was thinking more along the lines of small gatherings of maybe 5-10 people at a time, so that it didn’t become too impersonal. As for timing, I thought around lunchtime might be good, since that would be a good time to serve them some food! Getting their details would be of the utmost importance, and I would achieve this by handing out invitations that required them to register online.

The plan is to choose an industrial area where there are lots of medium sized businesses, walk in and leave an invitation for the boss. Not necessarily ask to speak to them or anything, but leave enough info and details for them to at least want to find out more maybe? Then have them visit a page on my website that explains what the meeting will be about, and a registration section they can use to book a spot.

As for the presentation, I have devised a four step business optimisation plan, which I could expand on and illustrate using examples and perhaps create a narrative on how it could help their business. If they find the presentation compeling enough, then maybe they’d be willing to sign up for the first free step.

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