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Hi Calcul8or,
There are certainly attributes of small groups that are very different to larger ones.

If you are limited to the people resources you can bring to organising, presenting and following up the meeting, I’d go small.

Small should also enable you to know more about the needs of the folk attending and allow you to tailor a more relevant presentation. You could also position it as a working seminar and invite folk to bring along specific problems to be discussed – added relevance and benefit for attendees.

If you only want 5-10, you really want to nail them down to attending.

If something urgent crops up before your meeting and folk opt out last minute, it can leave a big obvious hole in your attendence.

If possible, I’d have someone making phone calls to the 5-10 attendees the morning of the meeting to confirm attendence “for catering purposes.” (I assume you are at least offering coffee and biscuits.)

Good luck,