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davo23, post: 203728 wrote:
Hey Dan,

is the url http://www.domainname.com/?g=ee6kUPo…87HLEiRsBFv3c1 an affiliate link going directly to a site you work as an affiliate for? If yes, it’s against Google’s TOS to advertise for an affiliate site. Years ago they used to allow it, but they found that it was ruining the quality of their search results.

You can try and mask the URL or redirect etc. to get around it, but Google will catch on pretty quickly and ban your account.


Hi Dave,

This is where I am uncertain, hopefully someone can clarify. My understanding of an affiliate site, is that the affiliate will take a commission of the sale. In my case, the whole sale goes to me. Is this the same sort of thing? And will google allow this?