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Hatching_It, post: 204122 wrote:
I agree with the people above and it seems crazy that you would pay for an Adwords ad that will send your potential customers to a platform designed to advertise ANYONE that sells that product.

You’ll send them to eBay, they’ll go “oh look I can buy it cheaper elsewhere” or “oh look this competing product looks just as good but is cheaper” and you’ve now paid for a competitors sale!

Not to mention the massive remarketing adsense ads that are all over eBay and the huge fees you’ll pay eBay for the privilege…

Put together a WooCommerce site and use a theme for selling eBooks and save yourself thousands of $$$s.


Howdy Maccas

You advising him to ‘resell’ ebooks of others? Rather than doing affiliate?

On a side note, i see so so so many (as i am sure others have seen) people try and do affiliate or even drop shipping sites and within a few months the dream perishes as do the quick get rich web sites that were built to harness the plans..

Will watch thread to see how it heads…


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