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Jenny Spring
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TehCamel, post: 203751 wrote:
I’ve identified a specific niche of server platforms that are no longer supported by the software vendor and a suitable platform they can move to.

I’ve even potentially identified a couple of prospects.

I now need to turn the prospects into leads, and then customers.
I have some collateral from Microsoft and there’s more available, but I’m not sure how to put it all together if that makes sense.

Because these are cold approaches (I’ve been able to identify some targets using technical searchs) I’m expecting something along the lines of this:

– research the prospects a bit more and try and find out if they meet criteria (size, etc) and find stakeholders, decision makers or influencers.
– cold-call the relevant people with some sort of script (which i need to create i guess) about the end of support for the 2 products and have they considered how this affects their business. (without letting on that I know they are using the products, it might seem creepy)
– ask their permission to send them some info
— this is where i get stuck.. I don’t neccesarily have the info, or the correct info to send. I can send them the blanket “microsoft is ending support, ask your partner how they can help” but i’m not sure if that would get them to call and speak further
— equally, I don’t want to send them loads of crap and technobable.

– i want to get them interested in engaging, so they can ring back and get me to come and visit them and talk about it..

thoughts are appreciated :)

Hi Andy

You may want to consider a slightly different approach. Yes to all of the above, but I’d first create something of value you can send them. Start with a call to offer this ‘value’ item, then if they agree, print or email it to them. So then your ‘cold call’ is more of a warm call followup after that.

Or … build a good series of Facebook ads to attract traffic, and close them with a scripted phone call. That way you’ve already got warm traffic.

If you want someone who has already built these campaigns including phone and email scripts for other clients, please contact me, I’d be happy to assist. [email protected]