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Hi Courtney,
You are talking about one of the toughest marketing issues – service positioning.

You don’t give us anything to go on about your business and your skills/interests, so we can only be hypothetical.

I suggest your positioning is likely to involve:

  • Your desired client focus
  • Your service skillset
  • Your own interests
  • The perception/reality you want to portray and implement
  • Your experience/expertise
  • Your location

The more closely you focus on these issues AND implement your ability to fulfil the needs of your target audience, the more successful you will be,

Too often people are scared to say “no” to clients they don’t really want to service.

Start by defining the types of clients you want to attract.

  • How large are they? (Revenue or staff size)
  • What industries are you targeting? Do you want to target service industries, retailers, online e-commerce customers, B2B companies, government, etc.?
  • Where are your target clients located? Start with those that are closest to you.
  • What industries do I like working with and do I have examples of work I can profer in this industry?

Now define the types of services you want to provide to these client types.

Eg: Do you just want to provide:

  • Logo and corporate style development?
  • Print design work?
  • Website design?
  • Website implementation in specific publishing systems? (Eg WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.)
  • Internet and digital marketing services

Focus, focus, focus on your target market and services is the key. Then reflect that on your website and your entire outgoing communications messages.