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Justin Laju
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Hi Courtney

If you have your “bread and butter” marketing established and you now want bigger clients, I would suggest a targeted appointment setting campaign.

Have a chat with a list broker and narrow in on the demographic you want to engage, ie turnover size, industry, number of employees etc

This way you get a target list with decision makers names.

Then you just call them all systematically, introduce yourself and tell them what great results you have been achieving for clients, and ask them for a time that’s convenient for you to pop in for a chat. They may will either say, no, ask for an email, or agree on a time.

Create a system on a CRM and maybe use Google Calendar to schedule callbacks..

ie create an ongoing appointment setting system, and keep plugging away through out the year.

Expect your sales cycles and sales discussions to be quite different with the bigger players, and always be mindful of multiple decision makers (they should all be present for the meeting).

We run web design/development seo appointment setting campaigns all the time just like that – and it works very well.