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Hi Evan

Interesting turn from a review post?

Although i am not a designer or developer of web sites, may i suggest that you consider your comment about it must be same or faster than your site… Reason i suggest this is that your existing sites are merely text which may be a quicker load, be it potentially at the cost of what others have already suggested that you may benefit from.

You have put a fair bit of effort into learning this stuff, i remember seeing a couple of advancements and posts for reviews, maybe you could benefit from controlling the development yourself from simply buying a template? will also keep your costs down…

Being in your field, do yourself a SWAT and assess the pros and cons of everything, including speed, acquisition of new clients, professional appearance and so forth to ensure someone actually can deliverwhat you want and what you think you require..

Will watch the post with interest, as i am with your feedback one :)

Be well mate


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