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Thanks for the input Jason and thanks for the expressions of interest from those who have PM’d me.

Bit more info for everyone. Thought 1 post would make it simpler.

I am in a start up phase and unlike many other accountants ( I actually do have ethics) I have not stolen clients from my previous employers so income is slow. Hence budget is low.

How I see it (as more information for the site builders)

– yes there are many prebuilt templates I can buy on more sites than I can poke a stick at and all look very good and all are very cheap and come with low cost support and mods.
– If I am going to do someones books for a year and Financial Statements and Tax return for $440.00 a year and there is a lot more time, skill, legal knowledge, uni qualifications, insurances and government licenses involved than what is needed to build websites. What will you do for me?
– I have premium hosting already so don’t need anyone else.
– I have rebuilt the sites to be uniform and utilise a very basic template and to use some ideas that were given to me.
– accountants do contract law, tax law, commercial law, business law, corporate law yet no-one wants to pay them as much as a lawyer or a website builder. Not happy Jan. So yes I will expect realistic prices given that I do know the cost of many of the templates that most will use and I know how long it takes to modify a template and populate it, even for an amateur beginner like me. So I will expect a realistic price.
– once again the existing sites do convey the basic information I want to convey. Bulldust on a website for the sake of words that are meant to impress fools does not interest me. Maybe that makes me dumb in that sense, but clients who sit at a table with me soon know I can walk the walk better than those who talk the talk so I am not expecting complicated content. Basically what I have got on the current sites,in maybe a more polished manner.

Hope that helps clear up some missing info for everyone.