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nighttax, post: 203853 wrote:
How I see it (as more information for the site builders)

– yes there are many prebuilt templates I can buy on more sites than I can poke a stick at and all look very good and all are very cheap and come with low cost support and mods.
– If I am going to do someones books for a year and Financial Statements and Tax return for $440.00 a year and there is a lot more time, skill, legal knowledge, uni qualifications, insurances and government licenses involved than what is needed to build websites. What will you do for me?
– I have premium hosting already so don’t need anyone else.
– I have rebuilt the sites to be uniform and utilise a very basic template and to use some ideas that were given to me.
– accountants do contract law, tax law, commercial law, business law, corporate law yet no-one wants to pay them as much as a lawyer or a website builder. Not happy Jan. So yes I will expect realistic prices given that I do know the cost of many of the templates that most will use and I know how long it takes to modify a template and populate it, even for an amateur beginner like me. So I will expect a realistic price.
– once again the existing sites do convey the basic information I want to convey. Bulldust on a website for the sake of words that are meant to impress fools does not interest me. Maybe that makes me dumb in that sense, but clients who sit at a table with me soon know I can walk the walk better than those who talk the talk so I am not expecting complicated content. Basically what I have got on the current sites,in maybe a more polished manner.
How would you feel if barged into your office and told you how to do my books, insulted your profession, and suggested you were trying to rip me off ‘Because I used Xero once and I know how it works’

Massive red flag for any ‘website builder’.

Why don’t you buy a theme and do it yourself. I think everyone would be happier.

Here is a protip – don’t insult people who are you are trying to get help from.