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nighttax, post: 203860 wrote:
Is that a bit like don’t insult people you are trying to get business from?
Because boy have I coped a few in the past and I am the man with the money.

I was not trying to insult anyone. I was just saying it how I see it when it comes to value. I did not try to tell you how much to charge. I honestly asked for quotes.

You and others immediately came back with (NOT QUOTES) but the question HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO SPEND. I do not say that to my accountancy clients and you would run if an accountant said that to you when you went to get your work done.

Business is business and I play it straight as I see it. I do not try to con people by doing a job to the maximum they can afford. I do a job for the cost of the job plus my profit. I have found Australian website builders to be some of the greediest in the world. I have paid website builders in Pakistan, Russia, India, Poland, Canada and the USA so I thought I would spell it out that I do not want greedy time wasters. Sorry for being honest

When you and others want to offer a quote for the cost of the job + your profit margin. Then send me a quote as I asked for. Otherwise go and rip someone else off.I am flabbergasted you would post this on a small business forum.

In never even asked you how much you wanted to spend, I simply asked you to give me a shout so I can learn more.

Why are you asking for quotes here when we are greedy rip off merchants? Seems like you already know some good off shore people.