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For all who read this. I owe an apology to Matthew as he was the only one who did not ask me how much I wanted to spend. I unequivocally apologise.

As I said the post that you chose to take offense at was not meant to insult, it was meant as a red flag to any who wanted to be like so many that I have had quotes from in Australia for jobs for my clients. So thank you for red flagging it to the greedy.

I do not think everyone this forum is a rip off and I thought I would try and give some money to an Aussie as well as the very good tax and accounting advice I have given for free on this forum.

Yes I have excellent contacts overseas, but as I see even accountants sending their clients work to overseas sweatshops, I am sick of money leaving Australia soon we will all drop severely in living standards. I was more than happy to pay more than what I would pay even in the USA and Canada. But I am also sick of some (not all)Aussies wasting my time with obscenely exaggerated prices that do not reflect any significant skill difference.

But Matt, you must also admit, you didn’t give me a quote either even though that is what I asked for and given I had published sites that showed what I wanted as I had stated, how many pages, basic content, it is all there. Only a template type and a bit of rewriting needed. Could be quoted on easily.

I am again sorry I mistakenly included you in with other who PM’d me for an amount I wanted to spend.

But now for a pro tip from an old and experienced and very qualified pro. When I want the money from the man with the money I don’t get all high and mighty when he roughs me up with a bit of business tactics. He can call me the biggest loser, thief, and many other swear words he likes, SO LONG AS I END UP WITH HIS MONEY AT A PROFIT he can have the power and the high ground. That is how we old dogs who are successful in business get our money.

Now that’s a real pro tip.