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nighttax, post: 203853 wrote:
– yes there are many prebuilt templates I can buy on more sites than I can poke a stick at and all look very good and all are very cheap and come with low cost support and mods.
– If I am going to do someones books for a year and Financial Statements and Tax return for $440.00 a year and there is a lot more time, skill, legal knowledge, uni qualifications, insurances and government licenses involved than what is needed to build websites. What will you do for me?


Hi Evan,

I would be mindful about belittling the IT profession, the tone of your posts come across very arrogant. Most IT professionals are highly qualified and skilled with either a 3-4yr degree (computer science, software engineering etc) and optional honors. Plus external certifications undertaken yearly to maintain their skills.

It seems you want this website built for nothing. My suggestion would be if you have the spare time and the know how, do some online courses on some basic HTML, Javascript, scripting, SEO, SEM and do it yourself. Research your competitors, find a ~$50 template and modify it to suit your needs. Otherwise just post a job up on freelancer or odesk and hope for the best.