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Interesting thread, for the record I am Matt’s business partner.

We probably meeting 8 to 10 potential clients face to face a week for formal meetings, I would see maybe 50 to 100 networking depending on the week.

Just yesterday we sat down with a potential client, the first thing he said to us was “lets cut to the chase, my budget is $xyz, can you work with in that?”

We have set prices you can see them on our website.

I would say that Matt was trying to get an idea of if you had any special requirements. We are currently doing 2 book keeper sites and an accountants site. One of these sites has a vault with SSL cert. This has an extra cost.

So the questions were asked so we could quote accurately, as different additions may add another cost.

We like to get it right for people so that they make money and get good return on their investment.

Good luck!