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nighttax, post: 203863 wrote:
For all who read this. I owe an apology to Matthew as he was the only one who did not ask me how much I wanted to spend. I unequivocally apologise. Accepted

nighttax, post: 203863 wrote:
But Matt, you must also admit, you didn’t give me a quote either even though that is what I asked for and given I had published sites that showed what I wanted as I had stated, how many pages, basic content, it is all there. Only a template type and a bit of rewriting needed. Could be quoted on easily. I never give quotes until I understand what they need. If you need someone to buy a template and put your content in – well – that’s not what we do.

nighttax, post: 203863 wrote:

But now for a pro tip from an old and experienced and very qualified pro. When I want the money from the man with the money I don’t get all high and mighty when he roughs me up with a bit of business tactics. He can call me the biggest loser, thief, and many other swear words he likes, SO LONG AS I END UP WITH HIS MONEY AT A PROFIT he can have the power and the high ground. That is how we old dogs who are successful in business get our money.
Nope, it not how I work.Life is too short and there are plenty of businesses out there. We have a stack of work right now.

I find that if you let someone dominate you once, they will keep doing it. I know we offer real value to our clients. I don’t do that customer is always right bullshit.