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nighttax, post: 203863 wrote:
But now for a pro tip from an old and experienced and very qualified pro. When I want the money from the man with the money I don’t get all high and mighty when he roughs me up with a bit of business tactics. He can call me the biggest loser, thief, and many other swear words he likes, SO LONG AS I END UP WITH HIS MONEY AT A PROFIT he can have the power and the high ground. That is how we old dogs who are successful in business get our money.

Now that’s a real pro tip.


Hi Evan

This post seems to have gained more interest than i thought it would, and appears to have done so due to the approach of the subject matter more so than the actual request :( Not casting any beliefs here, just observing..

To my point as to why i am replying, your comment above has really taken me by surprise.. You state that you have provided free qualified input on this forum (which i have read and is welcomed by the community i bet) although your disposition in asserting yourself as being an ‘old and experienced and very qualified pro’ is suggesting that the rest of us in here may lapse any qualifications that you may hold merit to? Just saying…

Further to this, and as you have been around a while, i personally have met many individuals from this forum and have found many many relationships that i feel warrant further exploration through mutual business opportunities and have met several of these contacts clients and extended family and not oncehave i had a client expect me to prepack any lube of any sort to take their ‘direction’ as you state. Taking personal pride in the way i conduct my small business i value clients that respect what we do for them, if anyone comes into my business yelling and attempting to deploy derogatory (and unethical in my eyes) ‘business’ tactics i would certainly be showing them the front door before they could finish the sentence that offended me.

Now, most people on here see me as selling furniture, although i tell you i too like many other small business owners on FS have a very well accredited background that could in some eyes surpass many ‘qualified’ roles in the business world. Not here to beat my own drum, although there appear to have been a few assumptions made.

It is pleasing to hear you are very successful although maybe a little concerning to hear you will accept being called “the biggest loser, thief, and many other swear words he likes, SO LONG AS I END UP WITH HIS MONEY AT A PROFIT”…. only say concerning as i struggle to forgo my beliefs such as respect, integrity and the likes and i believe this is what makes me different to others out there.. A little bit of honesty…

Anyways, post certainly not about bashing anyone over the head.. but from an outsiders perspective it appears you have very clear ideals in how you conduct your business which includes your web site.. Some of the people who have replied do beautiful web sites and i know that they spend far too many hours for the fixed rates they clearly quote on their web sites to ensure they deliver beautifully functioning web sites for their clients…

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.”.. Albert Einstein


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