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Craig.Smith, post: 203864 wrote:
Hi Evan,

I would be mindful about belittling the IT profession, the tone of your posts come across very arrogant. Most IT professionals are highly qualified and skilled with either a 3-4yr degree (computer science, software engineering etc) and optional honors. Plus external certifications undertaken yearly to maintain their skills.

It seems you want this website built for nothing. My suggestion would be if you have the spare time and the know how, do some online courses on some basic HTML, Javascript, scripting, SEO, SEM and do it yourself. Research your competitors, find a ~$50 template and modify it to suit your needs. Otherwise just post a job up on freelancer or odesk and hope for the best.

Hi Craig

I actually studied IT at uni as a degree. I specialised in software engineering. I write in Cobal, C++ and have studied java. I even own Borland Professional development platform. I stopped at an Adv Dip level when I realised all the interviews I was getting were saying the same answer. I had too much management experience and they did not believe that, even though I studied full time and self funded, someone with my experience was serious about a career change. As I said I am old school and I do business straight. I have worked with and for some of the wealthiest people in Australia and that’s the way I learned from them when I was young and impressionable. It is not arrogance as I once thought it was also. It is just business. Maybe I am an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. But I am not so arrogant that I can’t take a bit of criticism when it comes from the man I am trying to get money from. If that is what it takes to be in IT then I am glad I stopped when I did.

I admit I am too lazy/busy to bother becoming a serious web programmer. But that does not mean I need to take the I am so great attitude handed out by many Aussie web designers. Compared to serious software design and coding I must admit I do feel basic website building like the one I want is the bottom end of IT and Aussies really aren’t any better at these basic types of sites. And compared to the attitude I have received from even the USA and Canadian programmers I have used in the past. Aussie site builders (not all) are way over the top in the self importance stakes.

I really was trying to support local forum members, just not the greedy ones that do make a fortune out of doing sites for people that do not have the IT skills and overseas experience that I have.

I have been to Melbourne and Sydney on business tripe for clients. I have been to the piers in Sydney and seen the Porsches, and other exotic toys parked around the website development offices so I assume it is the website design and promotion people that do drive them given the high concentration in that area. So I think I am also even more qualified to know when people are making a fortune out of the young and inexperienced Yuppies (I actually hate that word but it fits in this context.) Because like others have said, they don’t play hard business they accept what is said by self proclaimed gurus and just hand over the money. They do it when dealing with accountants too.

As for wanting the website for nothing – NO- but as for not wanting to be treated like an immature and inexperienced business person YES.