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nighttax, post: 203870 wrote:
Hi Craig

I have been to Melbourne and Sydney on business tripe for clients. I have been to the piers in Sydney and seen the Porsches, and other exotic toys parked around the website development offices so I assume it is the website design and promotion people that do drive them given the high concentration in that area. So I think I am also even more qualified to know when people are making a fortune out of the young and inexperienced Yuppies (I actually hate that word but it fits in this context.) Because like others have said, they don’t play hard business they accept what is said by self proclaimed gurus and just hand over the money. They do it when dealing with accountants too.

As for wanting the website for nothing – NO- but as for not wanting to be treated like an immature and inexperienced business person YES.


Please tell me where the Porsche’s are parked I want to go work there. #toyotadriver