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nighttax, post: 203873 wrote:
Hi Jason

Thanks for the feedback. I do not think everyone on this forum is less qualified than me. Otherwise where would the value be for me in being part of this forum. I have done some work for 2 people from this forum and one of them I did at way below my prices just because they needed it. I will also be doing that persons work for free this year because it would be rude to charge given it is only for one year. So where is the benefit for me if I felt that superior. I am good at accounting as are many others on this forum. Others are good at as you selling furniture and many other things.

But having IT qualifications I do know how simple the type of site I want is and I was clear. If I wanted complicated SSL capability or database or money transaction ability etc I would have had it on the sites I built. I can copy and post php scripts as good as the next guy. I am just happy to pay someone else a reasonable price to do it.

Having said all that I was starting to enjoy roughing up some people who obviously ,as stated in their PROTIP that I was given, do know that they are good at what they do and who are happy enough and rich enough to burn anyone who doesn’t play the way they expect. I should have stopped and just used my guy in the USA. He is not cheap but he is also not hung up on having to play his way or not at all. When I rough up business wise I expect to be roughed up a little as well. Hey it was all in an afternoons fun. The boys that played do not need my money and that’s ok. I hope it was entertaining as you expected.


Hey Evan,

All good mate, we have spoken before so no issue my end.. Was, as you may have seen me do before, popping my head in and offering my outsiders 2 cents worth :)

Hope you end up with what you want mate… As i say, sounds like you know what you want and need, so that puts you ahead a little when arranging it…

Remind me not to invite you to my store, i might end up losing the clothes on my back – LOL… Although i still do struggle with the battle of negotiating, not because i am poor at it more so that others are worse.. Meaning, if someone asks for your best price you should respect the response.. not demand more :) (ps this is not a conversation about you, this is what i see daily)….

Be good mate


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