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I asked how much you wanted to spend as it is a valid starting point.

Your requirements are extremely broad and you also mention something about changing the text of the site? It seems like a failed project right from the start

Give a budget and you can get a list of what can be done that will fit in with your budget.

You want to buy a car? A house? A Mobile phone? The amount you can pay for things usually determines what you can get. If you have $1100 to spend on a phone then you can get a IP6+ but if you have only $700 you can get a 5s.

$440 would get you a template site with the same content you have there at the moment, maybe at an absolute stretch and with your purchase of the two different templates then it could get you the exact same content that you have on both sites inserted into a wordpress site. You wont get it much cheaper in India or anywhere in the world.

To make a template wordpress site as fast as HTML would cost an extra $200 each site, excess javascript libraries need to be culled and the ones that are kept have to be recompiled to only use the needed bits, caching needs to be setup, you need to be instructed on the usage of the caching component.

You could go with a HTML template and it will be fast but if it is full of javascript then the same optimisation needs to be done. You also would maybe have trouble updating it yourself.

You seem to be hosting the site for $2 per month at crazydomains, it is not premium hosting.

If I was you I would,

go to fiverr.com and spend about $30 on a logo.

Don’t get any templates.

Get rid of the background of the site. Plain cream is fine or just a solid neutral colour.

Load a webfont like Proxima Nova, use it site wide.

In what it looks like you are using, netobjects fusion, make the buttons the same as the second example here

If you can in netobjects fusion, make everything percentage widths instead of pixel widths and then it will all probably shrink down to look half ok on mobiles.

Or go to an outsourcing website and paste the following in as a job with a budget of $100

Go to each of your pages and do File > Save As on the HTML

Make it responsive (work on mobiles) by using only CSS max/min-width etc, No bootstrap or any libraries, the site should not have any of the netobjects javascript in there anymore.

lay each page out nicely using the existing content.

Put a modern font in there.

Change the buttons to what I mentioned above

Instruct on how to edit text and add images or provide a fixed price for future updates.

This site here http://www.accountantsmaroubra.communityguide.com.au/
Is a terrible website, but I get a feeling of credibility when looking at it at least.

Just get to a minimum viable website, then look at making something good.