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Hi Adam

I accept your point. Now that I am going overseas for the work I expect it will cost me $1000 US and as I said to Matthew I was willing to pay a little more for an Aussie to do it but just not a ridiculous price.

When I go for a car I know that if I am dumb enough to tell the salesman how much I have to spend then that is how much I will end up spending and in my mind (wrong or right as that may be) that is not doing the right thing for my self in trying to save.

When I am asked for a quote on an accounting job there is absolutely no way I can know exactly what the job will entail. But I can give a quote because I know my industry very well and I am very familiar with what issues and extras can and do arise . So I give a quote and qualify it with exceptions that will cost more as I have done on the freebookkeeping.com.au packages.

If you or any of the others had quoted me and told me similar to what you said in this last post which is effectively qualifying the quote then you would have got the job hands down if you had been in my budget. Now that I have tipped my hand however I must go with the course that I have now decided on.

I do apologise to all, including Matt and Lorna, that I got carried away and played a little too hard. It does upset people even though that is not my genuine intent. I am just not good at the modern version of political correctness. My lovely wife of 25 years has roused me about this on many occasions over the years.

What I consider most valuable is that I get what I pay for and I give what I am paid for and if you researched my dealings on contractor websites over many years then you would see by my references that I always pay straight away when a job is done as promised, I do not bargain when a price is given I accept the persons price as their best even if I go elsewhere, I never take the lowest bid and I never pay for not getting what I am promised. Those are the values I work by as I was taught by better men than me. I do need to be more polite at times.