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Byron Trzeciak
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There is no reason why a small business owner could not do their own SEO, and do it well, but it does take a significant commitment of time for research, self-educating, practice and then applying what you’ve learnt to your website.

Like learning anything new it’s likely your experience may miss key opportunities or make mistakes that you will learn from as you go. That goes for learning anything new.

If you’ve got the hours to invest and learn then go for it. Many business owners do not have the time, patience nor the desire to learn SEO, they’ve got a business to run. Business owners are at times also resistant to developing content themselves.

As mentioned the lowest average rate for SEO in Australia is $75 – $100 p.h and as John R said you’re basically paying for man hours that fall into onsite, content, link building, outreach etc.

Given that $1000 dollars per month will provide you with roughly 10 hours of work, which equates to 2.5 hours a week. I know many SEO guys that are working far more, therefore reducing their hourly rate, because of the demand and pressure to achieve #1 ranking for clients in small periods of time i.e. less than three months.

I’m a strong believer that business owners should get involved with content, as you’ve mentioned the business owner is in the position to create link worthy content. In fact I enjoy working with client’s who enjoy content and want to try more creative ways rather than just the written approach. The partnership between a business owner that creates amazing content with the experience of an SEO agency is very powerful.

In saying that I believe that much of the small business content that is generated is unlikely to generate many links in return and at smaller price points I believe it’s also harder for an agency to create link worthy content too. Creating link worthy content is far more than just answering questions for your ideal customer even if this is a good approach to organic traffic.

As it’s been said previously, the SEO process can be broken down into many stages and offerings including mentoring, training and technical seo activities. Each client can be significantly different in what they require, it’s up to the agent and the client to agree on the work required and the cost.