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brendan29, post: 203773 wrote:
Please correct me if I am wrong, but for sub-$1000 or even $2000 per month, would any SEO company/freelancer put in the time to research your business, write great website copy, create great link-worthy content and outreach to relevant websites to get links?

It isn’t about the time or the monthly spend on this, it is about who you engage. As someone who manages the inbound marketing for a number of clients at around the $2000/month mark (less than this and you struggle to get enough quality work done each month to see results) – I do really care about their business, we always do an initial data gather to make sure we know as much about the business as we can, we work with the clients constantly, tweaking and adjusting strategy and approach. We have only Uni educated people working on the content, we do great infographics for clients as well as video, social media, offline marketing materials…

Maybe we are different because we aren’t an SEO company, we aren’t a digital marketing agency, we do marketing and know the importance and relevance of SEO, content, social and offline and can use the given hours to the best advantage of each client. Of course the more a client is involved and contributes, the more bang for their buck they’ll get.

But I’d say for smaller businesses, where every dollar spent is important, finding a provider that will work best for you is essential, and the bigger guys may not be the best option for limited budgets.