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Byron Trzeciak, post: 203951 wrote:
Hi Help4bis

Tools can provide automation and might be used in issue identification, research, reporting etc. but no tool is able to do it all. Human logic is required to do a quality job.

For example website structure is something that requires research, which might use tools, but only human logic will be able to identify a website structure that meets the business goals based on competition and investment.

At the same time, onsite optimisation requires hands on time to resolve the issues discovered. Tools can provide basic recommendations but they cannot resolve issues or identify high level issues such as Google penalties, over optimised link profiles, negative SEO etc.

Another example might be link building where you might use a tool to identify link building opportunities. The tool may assist with processing large datasets but then it takes a human to engage in outreach and gain the link opportunity.

These are just a sample of examples.

Thanks, mate, although I respect your answer I not necessary agree.
Human logic is not guaranteeing a quality job. Far from that, that is why we automate things.

What got me baffled is that there is so much emphasis on compulsory human aspect, to satisfy an automated algorithm.
I am not an SEO expert, was at some stage, but not anymore yet I have troubles with the pricing and the human interaction requirement of the SEO company.

Sure structure, etc. is important as you mentioned, but yet the meta tag stuff (we used in the old days) are becoming less and less important I believe.
Also, the emphasis is more and more on being an authority on the subject (of your article and web page) that it is on the structure of the web page.

All of these things, I believe are based upon duration not so much on SEO.
The older the domain, the higher the ranking.
The more authoritative, the higher the ranking.
Two things I do not believe SEO companies can fix as they are time related.

Backlinks are (black or white) sure SEO can work with that, but again something that can be done by a small business owner themselves as it is not about volume, but the quality.
All said and done…. I do not believe $2000 investment in SEO is a good decision.

So please educate me,