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John Romaine
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help4bis.com, post: 203947 wrote:
I believe that SEO is important and is best done by a specialised service who is willing to learn your objectives.

Yet I am not sure why it has so expensive. Can someone enlighten me on a breakdown of cost for example hours etc.

I am living under the impression (most likely wrongly) that a lot of this stuff can be done automatically of some sort.

This is the frustrating part for service providers – perception

They often ask…

Don’t you just build links?
Can’t you just submit our site to some directories?
Can’t you just use some software or something to do that?

The answer is NO NO NO.

Good quality SEO takes a lot of time, that’s what you are paying for.

For instance, let’s say you come to me and say, “John, my site isn’t anywhere in Google, can you help me?”

I’ll say sure, “Let’s reverse engineer what your competitors are doing to gain some insights into what might be working for them, and see if we can apply some of that to your site…”

This might include..

Reverse engineering competing site(s) link profiles
Reverse engineering competing site(s) content marketing strategies
Reverse engineering competing site(s) keyword terms
Reverse engineering competing site(s) structure, information architecture and layout
Identifying any additional opportunities that may assist in accomplishing the overall campaign objectives

Then on top of all of this you have content, audits, onpage optimisation, keyword research, meetings, reporting etc.

This stuff doesn’t just happen by “magic”

All of this work that I’ve just mentioned is extremely time consuming. Just doing keyword research might take two days alone.

This is why reputable SEO firms have teams of people. They HAVE to, in order to get through all the work. People need to be paid, and when it’s specialised work like this, you don’t pay $12 an hour.

This is why it is absolutely ridiculous when service providers offer $99 a month or less for SEO.

It’s beyond a joke.