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help4bis.com, post: 203972 wrote:
So what I can assume is that if I invest 2K I have a 400% ROI (turning 2K into 10K).
I like to see that happening, if it was happening sure it be worth it…. but I doubt it.

I think that is what might what is wrong with the SEO industry…. invest 2K and I return you 10K that is just utterly rubbish.

Making statements like that creates the perception that SEO is has a very high ROI… I do not think it is.

If any it is a write off (for good reasons) like making payments on a car if you like.I don’t do SEO – that was just an example of IF you got positive ROI from SEO then $2000 would be worth it.

I don’t suggest SEO would bring such a return, that for the SEO’ers here. I like to think of SEO as part of inbound marketing for what it’s worth.