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John Romaine, post: 203971 wrote:
This is the frustrating part for service providers – perception

Good quality SEO takes a lot of time, that’s what you are paying for.

This might include..

Reverse engineering competing site(s) link profiles
Reverse engineering competing site(s) content marketing strategies
Reverse engineering competing site(s) keyword terms
Reverse engineering competing site(s) structure, information architecture and layout
Identifying any additional opportunities that may assist in accomplishing the overall campaign objectives

Then on top of all of this you have content, audits, onpage optimisation, keyword research, meetings, reporting etc.

This stuff doesn’t just happen by “magic”

All of this work that I’ve just mentioned is extremely time consuming. Just doing keyword research might take two days alone.

This is why reputable SEO firms have teams of people. They HAVE to, in order to get through all the work. People need to be paid, and when it’s specialised work like this, you don’t pay $12 an hour.

This is why it is absolutely ridiculous when service providers offer $99 a month or less for SEO.

It’s beyond a joke.

I always need a little bit more time to digest your answers, mainly because they are very insightfull and intelligent… (this one is not an acception).

First you know I am a S..t stirrer, I like to poke the bear by providing counter arguments, not to offend just to depthen the discussion. We all do I guess.

Reverse engineering profiles etc yes time consuming and not necessary difficult and automatable.

The page optimisation… sure they are a pain in the b..m and take time.

Yes you can pay someone 12bucks an hour, even less, some even do the project for 5bucks (fiverr) and do a good job. I do not believe that the big companies have armies of staff on AU wages and only ask 2K …. go figure… you would not be able to sustain that unless you have thousands of customers. Yet based upon the above, there is a direct relation between hrs (time as I previous pointed out) and resources.

No would someone charge 99 dollars for SEO and can do a good job… sure they can, what you charge is not necessary related to the quality. We all buy stuff cheap from china with the same or even better quality than what is produced in AU. So the 99dollars versus 2K argument regards quality is a small one in my view.

SEO… oohh always a good discussion.
The way I see it…..

A small business who has not done SEO before and has NOOOO idea where to start… Sure invest 2K in a SEO COACH… not in SEO as end product. Invest in someone who is able and willing to guide you and coach you (I believe SEO director was mentioned). I do the similar with my customers who buy a SEO enabled package.

I am by no means as qualified as most of the guys here, yet I see guidance and coach more of an ROI than actually getting my page on number 1 in google, without actually understanding how it got there.

Things change, a static webpage and or business is a dying business. As business owner you constantly seek and look for new and better ways of ROI on what ever you do. Buying 2K of SEO and not learning how to do it…. will mean that every time you improve your business by expanding your focus area you need to pay another xyz dollars to get SEO done.

SEO as only pusing a page to google number one is in my view OLD and Declining. SEO as being a subscription service, educational and coaching…. sure I pay 2K for that.

I guess that is how most SEO started in the first place…. Not sure but is there a SEO school :-).