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Byron Trzeciak
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Tools have their place. Most tools that I’ve used in my experience work well for
– Automating a regular review of basic onsite optimisation fundamentals i.e. meta tags, descriptions, alt tags, page speed, keyword density etc. (This might work well for DIY SEO but even for my own business I find little value in this)
– Monitoring rankings
– Researching large competitor data sets

It’s the interpretation of the results where the value is found. For example as a business owner I might decide that I want to rank for “dishwashers” and I optimise my site for it. The tool returns green and says that everything is great.

The fact is that people searching for dishwashers might want to know
– what one is
– want to know which brands are available
– are looking for local suppliers and the list can go on.

The logic allows you to understand the intent of what people might be searching for and what will convert best for your business. i.e. LG dishwasher repairs sydney.

A tool cannot tell you that
– Your website has no call to action
– Your website structure is optimised for keywords with the wrong intent.
– Your content marketing is targeting the wrong customer or the value of the content produced is poor.
– You’re focusing on one high competition keyword rather than targeting many less competitive phrases

The list could go on.

I feel SEO is very similar to security. There are vulnerability scanners that can tell you every vulnerability a system has (that it knows about). You might have several findings that you feel are low risk. The attacker on the other hand understands that exploiting each of those vulnerabilities in a certain order will allow access to complete environment which is a very high risk. It’s the human logic that wins.

Like I’ve said, I’m more than happy for owners to learn SEO if they have the time however many owners do not want to learn it. They may also come to an SEO agency because they feel their knowledge is limiting their success.